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About MAS


We are a professional architecture firm based in Curitiba, BR

MAS Team

At MAS - Madarati Architectural Studio - we pride ourselves on our exceptional team of architects, designers, and creative visionaries, united by a shared passion for shaping spaces that inspire and endure. Based in the vibrant city of Curitiba, we bring a diverse blend of expertise, experience, and artistic flair to every project we undertake.

Furthermore, we leverage the power of parametric concepts and optimization processes in our work and design, unlocking infinite possibilities and pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation, resulting in solutions that are not only aesthetically captivating but also meticulously efficient and sustainable.


Innovate each project with no exceptions.

empowering each team member’s unique perspective to spark innovation


Always overdeliver to our clients.

Our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction drives us to go above and beyond


Sustainability is ingrained in us.

crafting architectural masterpieces that enrich lives and positively impact communities